A story that continues in Nepal.

We are located in Trent Lakes, Ontario, Canada.

We import high quality 925 Sterling Silver and Gemstone Jewelry handcrafted by silversmith artisans, trained by Mr. Dambar, who's factory resides in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Via this website we sell and deliver their crafted jewelry to everyone in North America.

After the earthquake of 2015 destroyed his birthplace in a low caste village located in Nepal, Mr Dambar relocated the young men from his village to his home in Kathmandu and trained them in his factory to be  silversmiths so they could rebuild back their village.

If you would like to know the full story behind Mr. Dambar and how he acquires high quality 925 Sterling Silver and Gemstones please contact us.

Or contact us if you would like a copy of the quality controlled 925 Sterling Silver and Gemstone certificate that is government controlled with each imported shipment from Nepal.

Our visionary website Silvissions-Jewelry reveals more information about Nepal, Mr. Dambar's story, the silversmiths and the low caste village.

Check out videos here of the Silversmiths handcrafting the sterling silver jewelry in the factory residing in Kathmandu, Nepal.